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  • Vincent Van Meenen schrijft

    Vincent is jong, ijdel en megalomaan. Hij zit elke dag van 9 tot 17h in DE STUDIO, waar hij werkt aan zijn romandebuut. Dit is het schaamteloze relaas van zijn werkproces...

  • Connecting basisschool ‘Alberreke with the community Klein Antwerpen

    Our project "Building bridges" is about connecting pre-primary school in Klein Antwerpen, ´Alberreke, with the community.

    Our goal is split into two; make a portfolio with contacts (organisations, associations and shops) which the school can contact in order to do educational activites together. Our job is also to make two activities happen; one in school with an external contact and one out of the school perimeter.

    Project Motivation

    The principal why of our project is to connect the school with the neighbourhood and vice versa. We want teachers and students to know what can they do in their neighbourhood and the opportunities it offers as well as showing the neighbourhood the importance of the school and how could they collaborate.

    We want everyone to feel part of the community because we consider they have to collaborate and contribute in order to achieve inclusion and equality. By this way, they will feel they all belong to the neighbourhood and that fact will make it more active.


    The Project Building Bridges is definately part of an empowering process. When looking at the concept of empowering, there are different angles we can look at; more namely the teachers we have cooperated with, the children at school and the community.

    As empowerment is characterized as measures made to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and/or communities, parts of our work is definitely empowering in nature. Our work has mainly been around the image of making connections between the school ´Alberreke and the community surrounding it.

  • Taking Chances!

    How can a group of young students change their environment? Follow us in this adventure where the students improve their school introducing Fairtrade Awareness (values, knowledge, personal growth...).

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